VISTAS: Recent Oil Paintings and New Print Releases

July 1 – July 14
, 2019

The summer 2019 season inaugural exhibition at Barbara Prey Projects will feature Prey's latest intimate oil paintings. Due to the nature of the medium and the smaller scale of the works, painting in oil allows the artist to experiment with levels of freedom and informality not afforded by watercolor, the medium she is well known for and in which she created her 8 feet by 15 feet - considered the world's largest watercolor - interior portrait for MASS MoCA.
VISTAS will expatiate on Prey's iconic village and island view series as well as her paintings of Maine's working waterfront; visually exemplifying Prey’s ongoing dialogue with her immediate environs in the mid-coastal area of Maine, the works are observations of the same location’s evolution over the course of four decades.
In conjunction with the new oil paintings, recent digital print releases of selected works will also be on view. 

High Ground,  Oil on panel, 2018, 12 x 16 inches

High Ground, Oil on panel, 2018, 12 x 16 inches