August 14 – Sept 2, 2019

In constant dialogue with her surroundings, Barbara Prey never travels without her painting supplies; brushes, paint, sketchbook—always within reach. TUSCAN OILS brings together her onsite paintings and unique reflections from recent travels in Europe, specifically the region of Tuscany in central Italy; Prey’s on-site painted views of Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards reveal her intense study and examination of her immediate surroundings and reflect on the artist as a world traveler; in her formative years after graduation from Williams and Harvard, Prey received a Fulbright Scholarship and a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, enabling her to travel, study, work and exhibit extensively in Europe and Asia—the sketch book always on hand. During her four years in Europe, the artist spent much time studying the lines of early Renaissance drawings, Gothic sculptures and architectural sketches. Absorbing her studies, Prey focused on drawing when she returned to the United States in the early 1980s where The NewYorker and other publications featured her artwork for over 10 years. The exposure to foreign cultures and new imagery are essential to her practice.  Painting utensils as steady companions, Prey continues her journeys, always seeking out new sites to work “en plein air”. Recent travels have taken the artist to Tuscany and the Dolomites in Italy, France, Scotland, Switzerland and Peru; "I’m always looking, thinking, and distilling”, she states.

Le Masse, View 2, Oil on panel, 10 x 20 inches, 2019

Le Masse, View 2, Oil on panel, 10 x 20 inches, 2019